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Recomposition Training


Why Strength Coaching = Body Recompositioning

Strength is the only physical attribute that relates directly to how lean or fat you are as it is a function of your lean, muscle mass. So Strength training is the critical element to any successful body recomposition plan. Which is why training for fitness, flexibilty, endurance, balance and ‘calorie burning’ suffers a 95% failure rate for achieving fat loss*!

At Biologic Labs we calculate exactly how strong you need to be to have the body you want and then plan every weight you must lift to achieve the most rapid strength progress.

But a training program is just numbers on a page. What makes a program work (or not), is how the numbers are applied. If you can’t physically achieve the numbers on the program, you can’t get the result. And thats where our Strength Coaching comes in.

What is Strength Coaching?

Strength Coaching focuses on teaching you how to consistently achieve the weight training performances you need to make the most rapid strength progress with your body. Its not just about exercise ‘form’. Its about how to perform at the absolute limit of your physical capacity, safely and consistently, in order to beat your previous best performance EVERY time you train!

Strength Coaching teaches both the physical and mental aspects of strength training. This includes when and how to breathe, when to hold your breath, where to go slow, where to go fast, where and how to adjust your balance, where to ‘push’ from, what to feel, what not to feel, how to cheat, how not to cheat etc etc etc.

Most importantly, Strength Coaching is about teaching you the skills you need to train yourself effectively! So whether you do 1 session or all of your training with us, you will be developing skills you keep for life.

Strength Coaching vs. Personal Training

Personal Trainers sell motivation to perform ambiguous, ‘fitness’ exercise for an unspecified outcome. Their skills are often limited to generic information they receive from an 8-week course for ‘Certificate 4 in Fitness’. Strength Coaching involves the in-depth, hands-on expertise of an accomplished, competitive Strength Athlete teaching you training secrets that can only be learned through many years of training experience to successfully achieve extraordinary strength performances.

Strength Coaching sessions run for 1-1.5 hours at a time because that is just how long a proper strength-training workout takes! So while Personal Trainers infamously ‘clock-watch’ for 30-minute sessions and then stop, our sessions are whatever is required to complete your workout the way it needs to be done.