Body Recomp

About Recomp

When people talk about fitness, burning fat and losing weight – or bulking up, building muscle and gaining weight – what they really mean is:

Improve body composition!

Body composition refers to the specific amounts of tissues that make up your body; primarily your fat:muscle ratio.

Body Recomposition is the process of deliberately creating improvements in body composition; ie achieving low(er) body fat and/or great(er) muscle mass.

Weight Loss/Gain vs Body Recomposition

Any very sick person can tell you that you don’t become lean/cut/toned/ripped by losing ‘weight’. And any obese person can tell you that you don’t become muscular by gaining ‘weight’. So when we talk about weight loss or weight gain, the weight we want to lose (or gain) is very specific.

Unfortunately, the popular strategies are far less specific about the ‘weight’ they affect than people would like. People get short-term strategies for indiscriminate wasting or fattening. What they really want is Body Recompositioning. Thats what we do at Biologic Labs.