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Contest Prep

Bodybuilding contest preparation is the most extreme example of the body recompositioning process Biologic Labs practices everyday. Our Natural Bodybuilding Contest Preparation gurus – Nathan Wallace and Matthew Everett-Jones – have competed and won at the highest level of International competition (Nathan was 2010’s Junior Natural Mr Olympia and Mr Australia in both the INBA and ANB). They have also prepped State and Australian class champions in recent years.

20 Week Contest Preparation

Preparing for a bodybuilding contest involves strictly measured nutrition and training starting at least 20 weeks out.


The priorities of the first 8 weeks (of 20) is to build the athletes metabolism and muscle mass while cutting fat. By 12 weeks out from the contest an athlete needs to be:

  • no more than 8% bodyfat
  • eating as much food as possible (fast metabolism)
  • as strong and muscular as possible

The priorities of weeks 12 to 6 are to maintain (or even slightly build) strength and muscle mass while dropping bodyfat as low as possible. By 6 weeks out from the contest an athlete needs to be:

  • less than 6% bodyfat
  • as strong as they were 12 weeks out
  • doing no cardio
  • Weeks 6 to 2

From 6 weeks out to 2 weeks out the athlete must focus on pure fat loss to drop under 5%. The standards of leanness and dehydration required Natural Bodybuilding are extremely unhealthy, unsustainable and unnatural. So at some point in the final 6 weeks an athlete will have to abandon intelligent, healthy body recompositioning processes and simply force the body to waste away the last fat; even at the expense of muscle tissue. We try to avoid these practices as far as possible until absolutely required.

By 2 weeks out the athlete should be around the bodyfat percentage they will be onstage – nicely under 5%.


Even though the athletes contest body composition is acheived, the final 2 weeks is the most complicated and involved part of the process. The athlete needs to manipulate carbohydrate and water intake to arrive onstage, at exactly the right time with an elusive combination of ‘dryness’ and muscle ‘fullness’. This is where an expert coach really makes a difference.


Contest day support and fine-tuning is another critical aspect of success in competition. Our Coaches attend the athletes contest and supply all necessary help and assistance.

Contest Prep Costs

Weeks 20 to 12: $348 for our custom program, diet, strength test and weekly reassessments and adjustments Weeks 12 to 6: $169 for another program, diet and weekly reassessments and adjustments Weeks 6 to 2: $319 for program, diet and weekly reassessments and adjustments Final 2 weeks: $650 for program,diet and up-to daily reassessments and adjustments. TOTAL: $1486 For further information please contact us…