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Programs & Diets

Programs & Diets

Fat loss and muscular development involve a combination of diet and exercise. But with literally thousands of contradictory diets and exercise programs out there, most people have no idea which way to go.

Worse still, the ‘calorie balance’ theory underpinning virtually every piece of contemporary diet and exercise advice suffers a 95% failure rate!* This is because the ‘calorie balance’ equation, while technically true, does not work in application.

Fortunately there is a better, more predictable way. You see, it is easy to accurately measure your fat, measure your weight and measure your strength and they are the only three variables you need to know to control your body composition. Therefore it is possible to apply an accurately measured dietary intake and strength training program to achieve exactly the body composition you desire. That is what we do at Biologic Labs with our Programs and Diets.

Our Diets & Training Programs

Biologic Labs Diets and Programs are designed to work synergistically to achieve your exact, measured body composition goals. They are designed and built specifically for you, using your measurements and to achieve your specific goals.

Our Diets specify every gram of every food to eat at every meal, every day. And we make regular adjustments to the diet based on measurements of your weight and bodyfat every 7-14 days. Being proper Sports Nutrition diets, there is no guesswork, no starvation and no ambiguity.

Our Strength Training programs detail every weight to be lifted on every set of every exercise at every workout to achieve strength targets that are matched to your body composition. And our programs typically involve only 2-3, high-intensity workouts per week. You can then enlist our Strength Coaching services to learn how to perform the program to maximum benefit. Trust us; your local Personal Trainer will not be able to help!

Getting a Body Recompositioning Program

The first step is to book an assessment with one of our Coaches. At the assessment we will measure your weight and bodyfat, calculate your muscle mass, discuss your goals and convert them into a goal bodyweight, bodyfat, muscle mass and strength gain.

The next step is to test your strength. Our Coach will teach you competition powerlifting technique in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and then coach you to lift the most weight you are capable of.

With your strength measured our Coach can then calculate exactly how strong you need to become through your training to achieve your body composition goal. They will then take a few days to design and build your custom program and diet.

Once the program is written you will need to book in for regular reassessments and adjustments to the program. If required, we can also offer Strength Coaching in our private gym to teach you how to use the program the way it needs to be performed.

* Curtin University Research, 2009.