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Weight Loss

Body Recomposition: Proactive vs Reactive

The focus of a weight gain/loss strategy is to get rid of the body you have right now. It is negative and reactive. A body recompositioning strategy is all about creating exactly the body you want. It is positive and proactive. This seemingly subtle difference in perspective results in radically different training and dietary approaches.

Recomp Training Difference

Weight loss/gain philosophy treats exercise as punishment. You are told to engage in as much random, brutal activity as possible for no specific purpose other than to suffer. Exercise is used to destroy the body you have. Body Recomposition exercise is purposeful and rewarding. We forecast exactly how strong your goal body is and then plan your strength training to achieve that performance level. There is no cardio, no punishment and you don’t train often or long. You just have to hit your performance targets to create the body you want.

Recomp Dieting Difference

Weight loss/gain diets blame certain foods or food categories for causing your current body composition. Diets are all about what NOT to eat; or, for weight gain, how to stuff more of anything in. Body Recomposition diets are positively focused on providing the nutrients your body needs to change itself and perform in the gym. It is entirely focused on the food you need to eat; not what you don’t.


Body Recompositioning is radically different in philosophy and strategy to fitness and weight loss. By continuously measuring what is relevant and focusing on the details of what people really want to achieve – a specific body composition – Body Recomposition Specialists are able to consistently succeed where fitness and weight loss consultants fail.