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Beyond Fitness

Beyond Fitness

What ‘Fitness’ Really Is

‘Fitness’ is ‘the minimum physical capacity to avoid injury or disease! It does not mean you look, function or feel ‘good’; it means you are the least you need to be to function as a human! For better understanding about what ‘fitness’ really is, check out this ad by Fitness Australia:


There are more ads in the series, all confirming the message: fitness is about being able to walk up stairs, paint a wall, sit up or balance on one leg; not receive compliments for your great looking body.

Walking, sit ups and throwing balls are the sorts of things you see Personal Trainers getting their clients to do because that is all fitness is: being able to walk and sit up! And that is the reason ’Personal Trainers’ (and other ‘fitness/weight-loss’ programs) have a 95% failure rate for body recomposition (Curtin University Medical Research; Markets and Markets, July 2009).

Body Recomposition: Beyond Fitness

If your goal is to be the best you can be – to look the best you can look – to lose fat or build muscle beyond the least you need to not die – then you do not want ‘fitness’; you want ‘body recompositioning’!

‘Body Recompositioning’ is the deliberate manipulation of bodyfat levels, bodysize and lean (muscle) mass to achieve a specific body goal. It involves logical, planned and measured actions to create measurable outcomes. Specifically, it involves the manipulation of bodyweight through precisely measured nutrition; and the manipulation of muscle mass through strength training for precisely forecast strength performance targets. Optional supplementation and Hormone Balancing can be integrated for exponentially greater results.

Body Recompositioning is the science of ‘creating the body you want’!