Biologic Labs

Private Gym

Private Gym

Biologic Labs’ private 24/7 training studio provides the unique training environment required for the highest level of training; the kind of effective training that simply cannot be performed in fitness centres and public gyms.

From the equipment to the lighting to the music to the colour of the walls, everything at Biologic Labs has been designed to put you in the right frame of mind for effective weight training. And every piece of equipment has been custom built to our exact specification for near limitless, safe, weight training progress.

We have dumbells up to 90kg, over 3000kg in weights, 6 power cages, competition certified barbells, Lat Pulldowns to 370lb, Leg Presses rated to 1000kg and much more. Even our Leg Extension holds up to 150kg! There is no better place for effective training!

Physical & Psychological Empowerment

Genuinely hard training is an incredibly emotional experience and the training environment must allow those emotions to flow uninhibited. Unlike public gyms and personal training studios, at Biologic Labs we teach and encourage people to fire up, make noise and push to their limit.

Despite our clients expectations of themselves (being that our clients are mostly respected professionals and business owners) training at Biologic Labs will typically cause them to grunt, moan, bellow, probably swear and even occasionally cry (and laugh) in the gym! They will often drop weights loudly onto the safety catches or onto the floor! And our Coaches will often bellow orders at them to keep them going when their bodies are screaming to stop. It can get very loud; but the atmosphere is electric!

Oldschool Gym Rules

All these behaviours – totally unacceptable at any other gym – are welcome at Biologic Labs. Its one of the main reasons Biologic Labs clients regularly achieve what everyone else says is impossible.