Biologic Labs

Beyond PT


While Biologic Labs’ Strength Coaching service might outwardly resemble Personal Training, it is unlike any Personal Training you will experience anywhere.

Strength Coaching teaches you how to achieve specific, measured and material training outcomes beyond anything you would have been capable of achieving otherwise. It teaches control over every aspect of the physical, mental and emotional requirements of pushing your body to the limit of its physical capacity, safely and consistently, every time you train.

The result of Strength Coaching is the most rapid and radical fat loss and muscle growth possible. Body composition changes occur so quickly that we need to measure the significant changes every week in order to make diet and program adjustments! And regardless of whether you do 1 session or 1 year of Strength Coaching, for the rest of your life you will train better. Ultimately you will become able to control and transform your body to an extent that Personal Trainers consider impossible.

Personal Training, by comparison, is for Fitness and not body composition change. Click here to understand the truth about Fitness. When it comes to fat loss, Personal Trainers try to provide motivation to do pointless, random exercise – that you could easily have done yourself – for no specific purpose whatsoever. The ambiguous goal of Personal Training is “fitness’: the lowest physical capacity you can achieve, and nothing to do with losing fat or building a great body.