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Hormone Therapy

As we age the balance of our major hormones shift from making us strong, lean, sexually active and happy towards being weak, fat, sexually dysfunctional and depressed.

Unfortunately, the priority of our doctors is for us to 'cope' rather than thrive

Unfortunately, the priority of our doctors is for us 'cope' rather than 'thrive'. 'Health' is even defined as 'the absence of disease'; not "the presence of peak energy, strength, acuity and motivation". So even though our degrading health looks like a disease, acts like a disease and progresses like a disease, most of the medical community do not believe it should be treated like a disease. Their attitude is that declining health and body composition is 'normal' and so you just have to suffer it.

Anti-Ageing doctors are a community who think like the rest of us. They do not believe that our physical and emotional health needs to follow the downward spiral of our hormones when it is readily treatable. And any small risks of hormone treatment are still preferable to the guaranteed destruction of our health that comes from doing nothing.

Testosterone, growth hormone et al

Hormone Balancing is not about using unnatural 'drugs' to force unnatural metabolism. Instead it involves supplementing or correcting your naturally occurring hormones to raise their levels to their optimal levels within the accepted, 'normal' range.

With optimal balance of testosterone, growth hormone (GH), estrogen, thryoid etc, your entire body functions 'better'. Your immune system is strengthened; your energy levels are restored; the positive strength and endurance adaptations from your training are amplified; fat loss is accelerated; sex drive and function is improved.

Coupled with Biologic Labs synergistic diets and strength exercise programs, up to 4x faster body recompositioning results have been achieved.

Getting hormone therapy

Hormone therapy starts with a comprehensive blood test covering all of your hormone, blood, organ and health markers. Our doctors then perform a thorough interview and give you a detailed explanation of how your entire system is functioning and whether there are possibilities for 'optimisation' of your hormone balance.

Our doctors may then prescribe medications (including testosterone and growth hormone) to adjust your hormones to the most appropriate levels within the 'safe' and 'normal' range.

Like everything at Biologic Labs, our Hormone Balancing medicine involves precise measurement, pre-planning and ongoing reassessment to ensure you are always moving toward your specific goals.

Hormone balancing

If you require hormone balancing, an initial blood test referral can be acquired from our studio (or mailed to a provided address) which is then to be taken to a QML Pathology Lab for collection. The service we offer is considered a health screen which means we are unable to provide free pathology through the use of Medicare. (Note: This service can be used as a stand alone service and is available to non-training clients of Biologic Labs)

Profile 1:

Men younger than 40 without PSA


Profile 2:

Men older than 40 with PSA


Profile 3:



Once we receive your results which takes between 5 & 7 working days, we will be in contact to shedule an appointment with our onsite doctor to discuss your blood test findings and prescribe hormone balancing medication. An optional phone consult can be organised for interstate clients wishing to use the service. The consultation pricing is $200 and unfortunately we are unable to offer any rebates through private health or the PBS for medications prescribed.

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  • 1. How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance or am eligible for therapy?

    With a blood test. The typical symptoms (including lethargy, low libido, depression, body-fat gain, muscle loss, difficulty sleeping, fatigue etc) may not be due to hormone insufficiencies. Alternative tests, such as saliva testing or skinfold measurements, are notoriously inaccurate. All treatments are based on proper measurement of hormone levels through comprehensive blood tests.
  • 2. I cannot get to Brisbane to see you. Can you treat patients interstate?

    Yes! We will first need to receive payment for the appointment to be able to release the referral and some contact details including a mailing address. We mail you the pathology referrals and you can get your blood tests done by your local pathology lab. Once we have received the results we will contact you to organise a phone consultation with our resident Hormone Specialist.At times there can be some lengthy delays in receiving results from interstate pathology labs, we will make our best effort to be on contact as soon as we have completed results.
  • 3. Other doctors say most people don’t need hormone therapy. So why do it?

    It is true that you probably do not NEED hormone therapy to live a ‘normal’ life. But that does not mean your life won’t benefit tremendously from it. Remember, a ‘normal’ life includes a predictable decline in energy, strength, body composition, sexual performance, motivation and overall health starting in your 30′s. This decline typically progresses into chronic disease by your 70′s. Ultimately, the ‘normal’ life end for the majority of Australians (>70%) is dying of an avoidable ‘lifestyle’ disease such as heart disease or diabetes. Hormone therapy can help prevent the ‘normal’ decline in health and performance that comes with age and help you maintain a higher quality of life for longer. But if you do not care about being the best you can be then you do not ‘need’ it.
  • 4. I’m 20 years old and i’d like to use steroids and peptides to get ‘jacked’. can you hook me up?

    No. Biologic Labs is a legitimate medical service for people suffering the age-related declines in physiology. We restore sub-optimal hormone levels to their ideal, normal level using approved medications according to protocols established by Specialists. We do not prescribe hormones to healthy, young people.
  • 5. Can you help me use hormones to cheat in sports?

    No. As a competitive athlete it is your responsibility to abide by the rules in competitive sport. As a patient, if you are eligible for hormone therapy then it is your choice to undertake treatment. We do not condone the undisclosed use of treatment in violation of the rules of sport. However we will happily validate the legitimacy of your treatment, in writing, as required by any authorities.
  • 6. Do you treat women?

    Not really. Biologic Labs is focussed on optimising male physiology. The treatment options for women are limited in scope and impact.
  • 7. Can I provide my blood test results from my personal GP/specialist rather then getting another blood test done?

    Yes you can if the results are current (up to a month old) and are a full spectrum blood test to avoid lengthly delays in being sent for further testing. This can be done on a case by case bases, please call the studio to confirm your results are adequate.
  • 8. I am over 40 why does my blood test cost more???

    Prostate Cancer makes to just under 25% of new cancer in Males in 2017. We appreciate that some of our clients mayn't feel comfortable discussing this issue with their GP or the physical examination involved in the diagnose process so we have added the PSA test to our health screen. PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN (PSA) TEST A PSA test measures the level of prostate specific antigen in the blood, and can be used to help diagnose prostate cancer at an early stage.